It dawned me this morning after seeing a poignant quote posted on LinkedIn by a friend and colleague; that the quality of leadership within an organization has a direct correlation with the attachment to loyalty. I spend my days in conversation with very talented individuals, doing my very best to help them obtain a more suitable position and to align them and their skill set to organizations that are a match. The leadership of the organization is always part of the dialog, and I’m convinced that it causes people to stay or leave in many cases. I believe that true leadership is the glue that keeps it all together; especially in the fast-paced arena of mortgage banking. We have all worked for people that have been great bosses, and many of us have worked for others that were not. Think back for a second and attempt to attach your historic job satisfaction to the quality of the leadership you experienced in your career. If you are anything like me; the memories are clear and stark; it’s a critical component to enjoyment in the workplace; and I’ll bet, there is a similar attachment to the success you achieved under that quality leadership.

You see, quality leadership has an adhesive that helps employees feel better about themselves and the company that they work for. In my view, this is the most important aspect of management; being able to connect with your team members in a manner that keeps the company pride flowing though their veins. I have first-hand knowledge of this from both sides. I spent many years in a management role, and always took a tremendous amount of time building relationships and making sure that the people who were under my leadership knew that I was in the fight with them. I call it the “field general” approach. Some call it the “player coach” approach. The bottom line for a leader is that they are willing to get off their horse and join the field of battle. Nothing else they do can be as powerful as this simple notion; and believe me, it gets noticed by all who witness these acts. In contrast, those who are not willing to battle side by side usually foster resentment as a result.

Now, I’m in a different role, recruiting talent for many of these leaders. One of the main factors why people leave an organization is because they do not feel supported by their boss. Loyalty flows in direct concert to the quality of leadership and the relationship one has with their company and most importantly, their direct supervisor.

For all of you leaders out there, I know that the workload can get heavy. Budgets, goals, forecasting, recruiting, operations, and many other factors that weigh you down through the course of your day. However, I can guarantee that if you take your eyes off the people on your downline and if you are not willing to get down off the horse and fight; you will find your sales numbers and your sales force diminishing.   My very best…..Tony

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