I’m often confused when I hear people say that they are not really into social media. I’m like “you should do it just to track new & old friends, see pictures & accomplishments of their families, keep up with current events; and the BIRTHDAYS are really cool”
Each year I am humbled by the amount of birthday wishes I get; this year over 500. About 200 of FB and 300 on LinkedIn. Crazy, right?
Some of the negative feedback I get from people is that FB (and sometimes even LinkedIn)is just a huge EGO boost for many users and that the amount of Narcissism really gets under their skin. I mean; who really wants to know what (or where) someone is eating? I get that point; but from someone who knows a great deal about EGO and Narcissism; my perspective has widened and is now a bit different. Social Media can be a platform to voice one’s opinion on important items; and if it’s done in a respectful and tasteful manner; than I say go for it.
I have struggled for years with EGO, trying to humble myself as the years go by. It’s a challenge I must admit; but it states it very clearly in The Bible; “the meek shall inherit the earth. ” I believe one can grow in their humility by sharing their experiences; this is something I try and do by sharing mine; especially the challenging ones. I figure; heck; if someone else might be able to gain some insight into what I’m saying; isn’t that a version giving back, paying it forward, and reaching down to the lower shelves with no expectation of outcome and/or reward?
As I’ve stated many times before; I feel that when you boil life down to its finer components; only 2 things really matter; Legacy and Eternity. What are you doing with your God given abilities to make an impact on others…. and where will you go when it’s over? I was filled with gratitude and humility today as I attempted to respond to every person who sent me a message for my birthday yesterday. It took some time, but the experience was rewarding. Thanks again…..Tony