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Company Strategy

At Affinity Five Search Group; we will adopt a business development strategy for each client pursuant to their needs and growth plans. First, we will “listen” intently to what you have to say about your position requirements and/or growth goals, your ideal candidate profiles, and your overall organizational ethos. Second, we will provide detailed credentials and references for each candidate we present, as well as facilitate the entire transaction from beginning to end.

The Process

Executive Placement Process (Any position search outside a production role)

  • Client Consultation – We will ask the right questions to determine the exact candidate profile, and listen intently to the specific needs and desires for each search
  • Search Strategy & Plan
  • Candidate Identification & Assessment
  • Client Presentation (at least 3 qualified candidates per search)
  • Detailed References
  • Candidate Selection & Hire
  • Transition


Client Search Process (Sales and Production Searches)

  •  Identify geographical target markets where the client wants to add talent
  • Utilize all tools available; current relationships, LinkedIn, etc….to create listings of potential talent based on target goals
  • Track and monitor candidate sourcing through spreadsheets and customer relationship management tools to stay on task and measure results
  • Utilize client’s marketing materials, presentations, and the company’s “story” to attract top talent each job search
  • Follow a detail candidate profiling process, targeted interviews and information exchange for each potential candidate
  • Work with client to manage the interviewing schedule; including travel scheduling for in person interviews.
  • Detailed reference verification

Client Profile

The purpose of this form is to provide Affinity Five Search Group with a snapshot of your company so that we may represent you to potential qualified candidates. Thank you for taking the time to complete this online document.

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